Saturday, January 25, 2014


Bhutan Innovation Research & Development Service (BIRDS) is envisioned to create platform for emerging innovators at all levels in Bhutan.

 It is an ideal platform for students, farmers, professionals and interested people to support innovations. Initially it presented business ideas for emerging entrepreneurs and unemployed youth to help start their own businesses. 

One of the main goal of the BIRDS is to become a “Launch Pad” for entrepreneurs and start-up businesses in Bhutan.

The BIRDS will be the “wind beneath your wings” to help people start, manage, and grow their ideas, research and proposals to own their own business venture. 

The committee of BIRDS share business ideas, business secrets, and help find investors for the start-up business. 

If you already have a business idea, BIRDS will help prepare/fine tune your business plan and help find investors. And where necessary, it will also provide basic incubation/hand-holding services.

Friends, youths, people join the innovation movement. All are welcome—there is no age limit. Be a part of the solution and an agent of change. There are a lot of business opportunities and the BIRDS provides an ideal pathway to a successful business venture.

History of BIRDS
BIRDS is a Public Benefit Organization and the first of its kind in the country formed by some enthusiastic people who really care about the future of our country.The solution to create employment lies not only with the Government but to each individual. And, entrepreneur development and innovation is one answer.

My Say:
Every year thousands of Bhutanese youths graduates from colleges and university. A handful of them get absorb in government jobs, a few of them in the corporate and private sector. And, the rest remains unemployed.

We have never considered agriculture and farming as an entrepreneur activity. In schools and at home, we are always taught to become civil servants and work in the government offices. Moreover, if we tell our parents we want to become a farmer, they will laugh at us because our Bhutanese Society never considered Agriculture and Farming as an alternative to ease the problem of unemployment and as well as solve the issue of food import from our Neighouring country, India.

I have been hearing that the government's plan to make agriculture as an additional subject in schools. To give our youths first hand knowledge on Farming. While i was in High School, our school had a big farm where we used to grow potatoes, maize and spinach. We used to work there every Saturday afternoon. I think the farm is still there. If you have studied in Chukha Higher Secondary School, you will be knowing for sure.

If you have been following the news then probably you might be knowing that our government wants to send us abroad to work, which is a good thing. However, It's an irony to know that the youths of a small country with a population of just around Seven Hundred Thousand have to look for jobs in other countries.      

 But for how long, can we go on like this? Do we intend to send our unemployed youth to work abroad every year??

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