Thursday, December 13, 2012

A tale of 2 people!!

God is wonderful. He is the sole creator of so many beautiful things in our lives as well as the beautiful people we are surrounded with.I never thought i would have so many wonderful creatures around me & i would grow up with them & i would be so fond of some of them.

I am always comfortable with the first person narration and also hopefully it suits me the best.

When I try to remember my happiest moments and they make me the saddest too. So, happy and sad goes along with each other for me.

When i think of the short time/moment i spent with my father it transforms me into a wonderful era of love, hope and life. Back then, as an arrogant and ignorant child, i always cursed God for taking my father away from us (he was barely 44 years old, and we were just too little and innocent to handle his untimely death). I used to cry in my heart when i used to see my friends with their father. I always used to feel that vacum in my life. My heart was filled with pain. And even watching a movie with a death scene brought immeasurable hardness and uncontrollable pain for me.

Years passed my uncle (father's younger brother) fill the void in my life. He was a blessing in disguise. He looked after us (me and my siblings). So, things were keeping at its best when all of a sudden he too left us to the world from where no one can return.

So, this December will mark the birth of his life in another world.

This is the tale of two people one who brought me to this world and the other who brought back life to me. I wonder if my father was alive what impact would have on me. How would he advise & treat a growing teenager, eligible for marriage daughter and a married daughter? This will be the different phases of my life but how will he be tolerating it all because for a parent their children will always remain as children.

Now i dont curse God or any one for taking my father & uncle away as this is the way of life. We are born to die. Some die too early and some later but no one can live forever. That is why Buddha said everything is impermanent in this world.
I am always thank full to both of you for being with me at some point of time. Life is short but ultimately you have lived your life fully and thats why you left us so early and may be God has some other projects for you.

Keep smiling and be cheerfull whereever you are.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Queen of Bhutan Tulip

                                             Queen of Bhutan Tulip

Her Majesty the Queen of Bhutan, Ashi Jetsun Pema Wangchuck, received Dutch ‘Queen of Bhutan’ tulip bulbs on 4 December 2012, at the Royal Palace in Thimphu. Her Majesty granted an audience to Phuntshok Chhoden Tshering – Honorary Consul to The Netherlands in Bhutan, Kees Klein – Honorary Consul to Bhutan in The Netherlands, Tshering Yangki – owner of the Gardeners shop in Thimphu and Henk de Jong – bhutan+partners.

Her Majesty referred to her love for flowers as well as to the longstanding friendship relations between Bhutan and The Netherlands when speaking to her guests.
The ‘Queen of Bhutan’ tulip reflects the national colors of Bhutan and Her Majesty’s personality: ‘warm and kind in heart and mind’.

The ‘Queen of Bhutan’ tulip was launched in the Netherlands on 22 September 2012 at the Floriade, World Horticultural Expo in Venlo.

The public launch of the Tulip in Bhutan took place on 4 December 2012, at the Nehru Wangchuck centre in Thimphu in the presence of government officials, diplomats, business people and representatives from the Dutch community.

The ‘Queen of Bhutan’ tulip is a bhutan+partners initiative and gift to Her Majesty on the occasion of the Royal Wedding in October 2011. The Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi and the Dutch flower bulb industry supported the initiative.

The Tulip with deep red petals edged with golden yellow colours is cultivated in the Netherlands by Fluwel and will be available in Bhutan through Mrs Tshering Yangki’s Gardeners shop, Centenary market in Thimphu Bhutan. ( Rea more at
 Royal Weeding Pic
Her Majesty the Gyaltsuen addresses the national celebration of 25 years since the signing of the international treaty to protect the ozone layer. Her Majesty is Bhutan's Ozone Ambassador.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Seriously I never got any gift in my life. Birthdays, Christmas, endless festivities came and went but my parents never seemed to remember them or even had the knowledge of it may be due to ignorance or whatever it is either.

Even I was an average kid at school and a poor performer at sports. So, expecting any prize or trophy at school was out of question. So it wasn’t a very big deal. Even if I failed or passed through my exam it didn’t matter at all at home. So my formative years were filled without any celebrations, gifts, exaltation, excitement.
Everything was going on well and as usual until I reached college. There in our hostel (a li'l catholic convent) it was mandatory for us all (borderer) to give our birthday date to our sister (the hostel in charge) who usually put it up in our notice board. Each day we would sing the birthday wishes to that particular lucky girl. Somedays we had quite a large number of the lucky girls, all missing homes and very home sick. And, it was there the first time I heard the birthday song sang for me by our sister and friends. All shy and blushing was me because was feeling really overwhelmed. And, I got my first gift from friends in my hostel days. Endless wishes, lots of cards, few pens. That is trivial things but makes a lot of difference in my life.

And, yeah I got my first Christmas gift there too (we used to exchange little gifts). I still have some of them with me and whenever I see them my eyes are wet with tears since I got something to say as a Christmas or birthday gift for the first time in my life. Those days remind me so much of care, fun, un selfless love and respect.

Since those were my first gifts in life after nearly two decades of my existence I have preserved them safely but I lost some of them in transition. This was really sad. So, when did you really have your first gift? Hopefully you may not remember because your parents or loved ones have been showering them on you all the year round so it may not make a lot of difference in your life. Does it?

P.S Now sadly I reached the same point. No gifts again, no nothing. No one to give and no one to get.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Finding Joy in Everyday Life (15 Ways)

 These are what i do in my daily life. So, what do you do every single day?

1.      Waking up to realize you are still breathing.
2.      Hugging your loved loves.
3.      Sleeping all day on a Sunday/holiday.
4.      Reading a good book/ new blogs.
5.      Catching up with old friends.
6.      Going for a little walk.
7.      Spending quality time with your family.
8.      Enjoying the sunset in the evening.
9.      Having a cup of coffee.
10.  Watching a good movie.
11.  Cooking meals for your family.
12.  Waiting for the day to end.
13.  Visiting friends.
14.  Dreaming your dreams.
15.  Praying for a new day with new and fresh memory.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Love Online

I saw this on a friend's page (blog) and just knew that I had to share it since it seems so evident in our society too. People meeting through online forums, chatting then brief courting and finally taking the vow for eternity. I believe u can find love anywhere, the beauty is finding it in the least expected places.

In fact this is the easiest way I have seen to meet the one you are looking for since we are damn busy in our life. I want to guess again that without any social life we feel so lonely and depressed at times. So, we do start looking for a companion.

Sometimes, I feel it is real outrageous since when was love reduced to such cheap stuffs like posts and chats. Although the pitfalls of romances springing from online love might be more frequent than the traditional family face to face and friend introductions, it does not deter from it being a valid, relevant and sincere way of starting a relationship.

But, I would like to question here, can online love be long lasting? I don't know how general this can be but with the few couples I have know who tried the knot after meeting through various dating sites and online forums, they are happy and successful. 

Yes, I do like to add that online love can be real love; I believe you can find love online. And it works for some.  And, my friends here are happily married, some even with kids.

I'm interested in those reasons. The ingredients for a successful married life but that’s for another day.
The normative thinking being that people lie and it’s also unhealthy to indulge into talks about ourselves without knowing the person first. Who knows (the someone) whom you are openly chatting and flirting might not take advantage of you? Sometimes without us even thinking much, we disclose our secrets which might hamper our relationship.

Personally, I believe that online romance is a risk that one must weigh critically before taking any steps further because, there are some impersonators who pretend all along. Anyone can be whoever they choose to be online. The major advantage of online romance is the privacy, and safety it provides. 

Much care should be taken to ensure one's safety.  The person you are chatting can be a young school kid or a married man or a monk. This is because it is easier to be dishonest online. The anonymity and privacy of the internet thereby becomes a tool for deception. A waiter becomes a doctor, 5’’ becomes six feet and Class X becomes College Grads. Remember, are you being your real honest self while looking for love online?