Friday, August 31, 2012

Finding Joy in Everyday Life (15 Ways)

 These are what i do in my daily life. So, what do you do every single day?

1.      Waking up to realize you are still breathing.
2.      Hugging your loved loves.
3.      Sleeping all day on a Sunday/holiday.
4.      Reading a good book/ new blogs.
5.      Catching up with old friends.
6.      Going for a little walk.
7.      Spending quality time with your family.
8.      Enjoying the sunset in the evening.
9.      Having a cup of coffee.
10.  Watching a good movie.
11.  Cooking meals for your family.
12.  Waiting for the day to end.
13.  Visiting friends.
14.  Dreaming your dreams.
15.  Praying for a new day with new and fresh memory.

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