Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Love Online

I saw this on a friend's page (blog) and just knew that I had to share it since it seems so evident in our society too. People meeting through online forums, chatting then brief courting and finally taking the vow for eternity. I believe u can find love anywhere, the beauty is finding it in the least expected places.

In fact this is the easiest way I have seen to meet the one you are looking for since we are damn busy in our life. I want to guess again that without any social life we feel so lonely and depressed at times. So, we do start looking for a companion.

Sometimes, I feel it is real outrageous since when was love reduced to such cheap stuffs like posts and chats. Although the pitfalls of romances springing from online love might be more frequent than the traditional family face to face and friend introductions, it does not deter from it being a valid, relevant and sincere way of starting a relationship.

But, I would like to question here, can online love be long lasting? I don't know how general this can be but with the few couples I have know who tried the knot after meeting through various dating sites and online forums, they are happy and successful. 

Yes, I do like to add that online love can be real love; I believe you can find love online. And it works for some.  And, my friends here are happily married, some even with kids.

I'm interested in those reasons. The ingredients for a successful married life but that’s for another day.
The normative thinking being that people lie and it’s also unhealthy to indulge into talks about ourselves without knowing the person first. Who knows (the someone) whom you are openly chatting and flirting might not take advantage of you? Sometimes without us even thinking much, we disclose our secrets which might hamper our relationship.

Personally, I believe that online romance is a risk that one must weigh critically before taking any steps further because, there are some impersonators who pretend all along. Anyone can be whoever they choose to be online. The major advantage of online romance is the privacy, and safety it provides. 

Much care should be taken to ensure one's safety.  The person you are chatting can be a young school kid or a married man or a monk. This is because it is easier to be dishonest online. The anonymity and privacy of the internet thereby becomes a tool for deception. A waiter becomes a doctor, 5’’ becomes six feet and Class X becomes College Grads. Remember, are you being your real honest self while looking for love online?

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  1. often we redeem our-selves to find and appease somebody similar from this wicked line.