Thursday, December 13, 2012

A tale of 2 people!!

God is wonderful. He is the sole creator of so many beautiful things in our lives as well as the beautiful people we are surrounded with.I never thought i would have so many wonderful creatures around me & i would grow up with them & i would be so fond of some of them.

I am always comfortable with the first person narration and also hopefully it suits me the best.

When I try to remember my happiest moments and they make me the saddest too. So, happy and sad goes along with each other for me.

When i think of the short time/moment i spent with my father it transforms me into a wonderful era of love, hope and life. Back then, as an arrogant and ignorant child, i always cursed God for taking my father away from us (he was barely 44 years old, and we were just too little and innocent to handle his untimely death). I used to cry in my heart when i used to see my friends with their father. I always used to feel that vacum in my life. My heart was filled with pain. And even watching a movie with a death scene brought immeasurable hardness and uncontrollable pain for me.

Years passed my uncle (father's younger brother) fill the void in my life. He was a blessing in disguise. He looked after us (me and my siblings). So, things were keeping at its best when all of a sudden he too left us to the world from where no one can return.

So, this December will mark the birth of his life in another world.

This is the tale of two people one who brought me to this world and the other who brought back life to me. I wonder if my father was alive what impact would have on me. How would he advise & treat a growing teenager, eligible for marriage daughter and a married daughter? This will be the different phases of my life but how will he be tolerating it all because for a parent their children will always remain as children.

Now i dont curse God or any one for taking my father & uncle away as this is the way of life. We are born to die. Some die too early and some later but no one can live forever. That is why Buddha said everything is impermanent in this world.
I am always thank full to both of you for being with me at some point of time. Life is short but ultimately you have lived your life fully and thats why you left us so early and may be God has some other projects for you.

Keep smiling and be cheerfull whereever you are.

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