Wednesday, May 15, 2013

in anticipation of the Royal Baby

 I want to join the millions of people worldwide who are expecting the arrival of the royal baby. The Duchess of Cambridge looks stunning even in her seventh month of pregnancy. She seems to be very hardworking and dedicated to her work.

According to close friends and sources the royal baby is due on Saturday July 13th . But royal watchers and fans all over the globe will still need some more days, weeks to know whether its a boy or a girl. I am proud that she didnt go for scanning to check the sex of the baby.

I have heard that the most beautiful phase in a woman's life is during pregnancy & other issues I've heard is "if a mother is glowing, has very clear skin, its a girl.. Only time can tells us of it. But if the royal baby is a girl, then she may become a beautiful woman like her mother. And, of course who doesnt know the would be father is  a real prince charming.

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