Thursday, May 16, 2013

gardens, flowers, fruits !!

How many of you ever thought of taking vegetable gardening as a hobby? Well, we all belong to a country where farming is still practiced. Many of our people live in villages across the country harvesting fruits, vegetable,grains, rice for us. Have we every thought of thanking them for their hard work? Well for instance, we import a lot of products from our neighboring country, India. Whether its sun, rain, storm they toil hard for us, to keep the food in our table, to make us healthy.

Well, how many of you are aware that sometimes farmers in India, along with their entire family take to such extreme steps like suicide due to heavy debt they have incurred and for which there is no any other alternatives than to give up their life. My heart weeps for those people seriously.

Next time, when the food is laid in your table to be served to you please try to remember all those selfless hardworking people who struggle to help you lay your dinning table beautifully like the farmers who tilled the dry field till something can be grown, to their anxiousness waiting for the new plant to sprout, to the joy when there was abundant rain or sunshine when required, and to the contentedness when watermelon, grapes, tomatoes, asparagus, peas flourished in their garden. Finally, the happiness they get when they sell their products.And, also not to forget  the packers, truckers, middleman who are all involved in the process.

But due to rapid modernization as well as social economic development in the our country, i think a lot of our younger generation haven't even have stepped in a garden. But its oki. The vast land we have in the capital are turning into concrete blocks. And, there is not even a little space for cultivation as more and more people live in buildings, and some people who have land want them to turn it toa fine tall building.

Well, in the wake of urbanisation, Michelle Obama's first book ''American Grown'' (The story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America) offers insight to gardening, the White House kitchen garden, her anxiousness in being a novice gardener and finally to celebrating gardening.

 It can be interesting to read for fellow gardeners whose hobbies are gardening as it gives insight into some of the most popular gardens in and around America. This book can be an inspiration to gardeners.

American Grown by Michelle Obama.
"American Grown" is the story of the White House kitchen garden by Michelle Obama.

The book contains some stunning pictures too. She started gardening in April, 2009 and her book takes you through all the seasons.

The book was launched in 2012 and Mrs. Obama  hopes that the book encourages others to start growing their own food, especially given the health benefits of doing so.

According to Mrs. Obama, millions of people don’t get a chance to come to Washington.  They hear about the garden; they don’t get an opportunity to see it.  So she wanted to use this as an opportunity to tell people about how they started it and how what thought about it, who all is involved in her book.

And, she adds ''It’s not just the story of the White House Kitchen Garden; it’s the story of community gardens all across this country, because the truth is the idea of the White House garden is not unique.  Community gardens are a mainstay in so many communities across this country, from rural America to my neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago''.

 Oki, i think it is a good experience to try kitchen gardening in your backyard. After reading her book, i really admire the first lady and her initiative to promote healthy living.

This book is a celebration of farming, kitchen gardening and stuffs that are relevant to a daily gardener. Cheers to our gardeners and farmers.


  1. A thoughtful article for those youth complaining un-employment.