Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Few things i liked & disliked about ESCAPEDES

In the last post, i mentioned somewhere that i am reading Escapades Awakenings by Dorji Dhratyul. It is an interesting novel by a Bhutanese Author set in the rural village of Mamung, Zhemgang. It has a Bhutanese touch. When reading it, i felt i was connected with it. There is Bhutanese in every essence.

The book is written in a simple language which is easy to understand. It brings a good insight into our society. It is lively and full of interesting accounts.

Book lovers especially Bhutanese literary writers/readers will love it.

And, i really appreciate Mr. Dorji Dhratyul for bringing out such a lovely book solely focused on women, our Brave Bhutanese women. In fact, what makes it extra more special is The book is written by a man. A man taking all the effort to address woman's social issues.

However, there is still room for improvement.

In any case, this is not a book review. Here are few things which i listed as likes and dislikes. But the opinion is solely mine.

Few things i liked:

a). It presents some interesting storyline and details. It has tried to bring into account all things associated with Bhutan, like the culture, tshechu, festivals,etc. This information is useful, helpful and knowledgeable to people like me. I really appreciate the author for bringing in all those details.
b). It is an eye opening to learn about what happens in rural villages when so called govt.officials in the pretense of touring the area do. The young village girls and the village Tshogpa and Headman have to try to please the officials by lavish welcome and entertainment ceremonies for the guest.
c). Moreover, all due to them and their selfish deeds how so many innocent young village girls are exploited. It is worthy to note that in the name of culture how this so called tradition is becoming an eye sore. As a result, many fatherless kids are born and how single mothers endure to raise them. 
d). I liked how the author brings into light the plight of young children who have to work for others. It is not often that a yound maid or alu tami succeeded in their masters house. They have to go through all the hurdle like getting beaten up, sleep without food, scolded for no reasons etc.
e). The author takes us into a very humble village, with lots of hardworking, kind and selfless villagers (rustic- what the author uses now and then).

Fiw things i disliked:

a). The story of rag to riches, poverty to strength and power, corporate success and political power looks more like a Bollywood mixed . The protoganist is so ambitious that she even uses herself to promote her business. (Oki its a fiction) Something so similar and familiar.
b).Cant even imagine the situation in a scenario similar to what happens when Chechey meets Jamyang for the first time. Oki, even if you are siblings from the same biological father and if you dont know each other. If a girl or boys falls in love with each other only to realise they are biologically related by their father. What a shame. 
c). How ever the author missed the thriving Drayang culture. In my perspective it would have been better to include the Drayang Culture too. Since it's so much popular now a days. And, for a girl with just Class IV passed, it couldn't have been any better.

On a general note, i like the story. It is captivating, simple, bold and plain. It is well written. It brings light to evil in our society and life.

It is available for Nu. 600 only. It is also available online in

Hope you guys will have the time to read it.


  1. Very impressive review. I like to consider some of your suggestions in my next edition. Thanks a lot for taking out your time to read it and also a comprehensive review.
    Author Doji Dhratyul, Bhutan

  2. Very impressive review. I like to consider some of your suggestions in my next edition. Thanks a lot for taking out your time to read it and also a comprehensive review.
    Author Doji Dhratyul, Bhutan

  3. Hi Dorji,

    Thanks for making available your precious time to read this post on my blog.

    Actually, its not a review, but just what i felt.

    Good Luck for your next edition. Looking forward to read again.

    Thanks & Warm Regards!!

  4. Here's a little review, liked the book.