Monday, June 10, 2013

The Perfect Match

 With the long silky black hair hanging on her shoulder, she was none less than an angel. She looked even more beautiful with the velvet sleeveless top that she was wearing . The red lipstick on her lips suited her perfectly. She was the most beautiful woman i had ever seen.She was a perfect angel.

I couldn't believe myself that i was right in front of a very gorgeous woman whom i had seen countless times in my dream. Even though, i had seen a blurred image of her in my dream i could none the less feel she was the same girl of my dreams.Yes, my dream girl. I pinched myself every now and then to make sure i believe it was a reality.

She was all smiles and blushing and so do i.

I knew my heart instantly. My heart whispered isn't she the one? How i wanted to touch those lovely hairs. How much i wanted to go closer to her and hold her soft fair hand. How much i wanted to hug her.

Our conversation ranged from introductions, to family matters, to music, to movies, to politics, to future. We chatted continuously for nearly few hours. I dont have even the slight knowledege how time flew by so fast. As fast as the wind, may be. May be, that what happens when one falls madly in love, yes love at first sight.

Ohh, how much i adored her or liked her or fell in love with her. All at once. Feelings are so hard to understand.I can admit it was love at first sight.

 She was charming, witty and intelligent and of course not to forget beautiful within and outside. So, true to be in love. All wonderful combination in a single soul. I envied her for taking my heart away.

While i was dreaming in my thoughts. She asked me what i liked the most? I muttered enough courage to speak to her.

Ahh, my poor heart was racing. So fast that i could hear my own heart beats. I didn't know what i should be saying. I didn't have any proper and definite answers. I couldn't be saying this and that since there are so many things i usually like and do. Moreover it was HER at this moment. i couldn't help myself to tell her it's you dear. How ever being a shy and introvert guy that was out of my mind.

Finally after enough contemplation, i decided to tell her i liked watching television.I whispered watching television since voice do not come easily at this time. I felt like i lost my voice. I couldnt even properly hear my own whisper. But not letting her to think something weird like television soaps, i said a little loudly and proudly sports and news.

What type of sports? She was there blah, blah....

I was lost again. I couldn't hear her. All i saw was her lips moving. As i was contemplating again whether to propose her and simply let my heart open for now. And what if she doesn't think the same way i do. My pride for rejection urged  my poor self to shut down at the moment.I finally decided i would let her know when the time was right.

Silly thoughts overtook my otherwise calm self. I was acting like a fool but it happens in love, i reminded myself. Even great and powerful people acted foolish when in love.

Suddenly my zeal to know her better let me speak my mind.

As i was about to ask her what's her favorite things was.I cleared my voice and as i was about to ask.. Then, oh my bad luck. Couldn't have any thing worst than at this moment. The lights turned off. My poor webcam and internet chatting abruptly ended. The height of worst frustration and know what it took few days for the power department to fully restore the electricity in our locality.  I am still thinking of our resumption.

(haha this short story is originally written by myself only inspired from numerous short stories i read in naija. stories. I didnt copy paste from here and there so please bear with my grammar. Thanks once again readers and i would love to hear from you).

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