Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blowing your own Trumpet

I read this post in Romance Meets Life < > and <> in Purpose Driven Blog. And, i liked it so much that now am trying my best to blow my own trumpet. It's not so easy to blow your own trumpets.

 I cant even realize why is it so hard now to put things down in paper. I can hardly write anything. So just when i am starting a lot of negative thoughts and em

1).  I am 100% dedicated to my work. Whatever work you give me and i will go to sleep only after i conclude that work. Even if its personal or official work. I want things to be organized.

2). I am good at using computers. I know Microsoft Excel, Word, Power point and most importantly Tally which is very popular among the corporate/private employees here.

3). I love to love too. To be honest ,I have a very few friends. My friend circle is quite limited. May be i can keep track of them in my finger tips. However, i am a very sincere, generous and loyal friend. Even if you call me at the middle of the night to do anything or go anywhere, i am willing to accompany you.

4). From a very young age i have realsised the significance of money. And, i know how to manage it. It makes me being independent.

5). I can do things by myself. I can go shopping Even if  i am alone. I can manage to do most of the things alone by myself. I don't need to cling to any of my friend. And, its not boring to be alone. I enjoy my own company. I love to be by myself.

6). I don't like wasting. Here it means to waste time, thimgs, food, anything and the list goes on. I hate to see when people don't realize the value of time.

7). I love cooking. I try to watch as many cooking and food channels as possible while at home.

8). And, i dont really know how to say it. But i am a YES sort of person. I am a very easy going person.

9). I consider myself to be a tall lady, tall in height, tall in mind and tall in soul. Considering most Bhutanese lady(ies) who are quite short in stature, i consider my self fine. Most of my friends envy my height. :P

10). The positive and optimistic side of me always compels me to work better for tomorrow. I always want to see The Sunrise of Tomorrow morning.

Now, you tell me readers what are your good traits that you want to share? I guess, it will be equally difficult for you too. Please try writing it.

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