Friday, January 24, 2014

Gelephu Tshachu

On the 8th day of our Southern Tour, we visited the famous Gelephu Tshachu. We started exactly at 8.30 am from our hotel in Gelephu.

Crowds Gathered Outside the Tshachu
I had never been to a Tshachu (Hot Spring) before in my life and i couldn't resist the opportunity when our intineary was altered again.

I had seen in news and television about the hot spring bath and had a little knowledge on the status of Gelephu Hotspring. And, so when the opportunity awaited, i didnt want to deprive myself to see the hot spring in real.

When we reached the Tshachu, it was the female's turn.

The Tshachu Management has scheduled the timing for male and female. So, that women do not feel uncomfortable when men are around which is a good thing.

And, four of us immediately went inside the Tshachu compound. To my disappointment, i saw a lot of women squeezed in one small pool.

May be it was the peak winter time. So, that was why a lot of people from far and near had come and camped near the Tshachu compound.

can u see the tents there?

We waited for sometime for people to empty some spaces for us. But the pool was so squeezed that me and a friend left it because we didn't have the patience to wait for more.

So, instead we went to where our vehicle was parked and helped them in preparing our lunch.(so u know we cooked and ate where ever it was possible).

Well, i really dont know whether soaking in the hot spring can cure one's disease that what we believe, rite?. Hot Springs have minerals and if we soak in it for a long duration, it can cure us of some particular dieseases.. Moreover, seeing the large crowd i can at-least say that people still have trust in what they belief.

 Seriously, from my point of view, i would like to say, how can a stagnant water where thousands of people with all sorts of disease have bathed in the same pool cure someone.

Have you ever taken a hot spring bath? Please let me know your opinion too.

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