Monday, March 26, 2012

Seeing the unseen

Last week in a training session we were each asked to draw ourselves . Like young school kid, we drew various portrait of our self. We made the most promising pictures of ourselves.

But it’s not what you are thinking guys. We didn’t draw the face of a beautiful man and a woman whom we think we are. Instead we were asked to draw ourselves  choosing a metaphor from nature which relates to us and very much compatible with our daily lives.

And, guess what. Ammm… each one of us made a picture of nature which can best represent our selves, our thinking, our ideology etc. The self portrait varied from people to people. Some of our friends made a big apple, tree, flower, butterfly, car, etc.

As for me, I drew the mountain side that we are very familiar with it. A little snow on the peak and a large river flowing through it. I always wanted my life to be like that of a river. Its flows continuously on the rough terrains, the plains, through the forest and its indivisible. .  Not a single obstacle can hinder the progress to where it flows.  It’s mighty and struggling with every phase of its journey but at the same time enjoying the larger than life expectations.

The cycle of water never ends with the snow falling in the mountains and then melting. The mountain streams team up to make great rivers that join the sea. The tides and currents foam the oceans. In the same way our feelings are constantly flowing as they connect the present with past experiences. Sometimes the waters are so deep that feelings cannot be articulated.The water represents changing tides. But this is also about the water of a evenly surfaced lake. No movement is clear, yet beneath the surface there is movement, currents and hidden activity.

Of course it can go cranky at times. There are floods and people die each year.  But that’s  totally not relevant now.

Through my drawing, I discovered myself. I saw myself in a different sphere which was very clear and simple. Seeing what our eyes have been trained not to see is a bigger challenge. Because often we do so due to negligence and ignorance. The vast river then ultimately joins the oceans and again the cycle of life continues.

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