Wednesday, October 2, 2013

3rd Year into Blogging

Hello People,

So how are we all doing?  I guess, all is well at your end.

When i first drafted this post i was going through some kind of depression . I was annoyed by many things which i dont want to remember now. I was emotionally unstable and was felling sad.

But now i have returned back to the right track and mind. And, feeling quite pleased with myself. I needed some privacy and also time to heal things that were bothering me.

October marks the THIRD anniversary of this blog. This is the third year into blogging and sadly there are just as many as 53 posts here. However, i make it a point to read each of your post. Sometimes, i wait for the next day to read what you write.

It's been nearly two and a half months, i have been absent from this blog.  And, i really missed blogging :P. (as if i am a regular blogger ~~ wink~~)

Stayed tuned cos Story of this Blog coming soon here.

 Thanks and have a Good Day!!


  1. welcome back and good luck and hoping to read your story!!

  2. thank u Sangay Cholden...
    I am hoping to became consistent in my writing but cant promise anything. U know how i am, an inconsistent writer.
    But will try best to write a piece of shit every month.

    Good day & Good Wishes