Tuesday, August 9, 2011

that happens only in .........

Due to the sudden strike in the hills which occurs very frequently, we were stranded by a week or so in our beautiful Fairview (and we called ourselves the fairies) hostel during the opening of our college. We were so much bored with our monotonous way of life that was sleeping, eating and watching TV and of course chatting because the only place for recreation and the market were all closed.

After growing very impatient from many more days of recluse and homesick, we were overjoyed with excitement when we heard that college would be opening the next day. Day before we had gone to the market to get some new clothing for the grand opening.

 Finally, when it opened its gate for the new session with many enthusiastic fresher from around the locality, we were very reluctant to approach because through grapevine, we learnt that there’s going to be kinda ragging for the fresher.  Yet the day started out quite well with heavy showers & we went to the hostel chapel for our morning prayer. In spite of our seniors giving us dress code they were very friendly, helpful and polite. We were supposed to wear red top n black jeans for the girls and white shirt and black pants for the boys.  There seemed nothing of ragging and a hostile atmosphere. Made us really feel at home. But not to mention we got our share latter in our life from both our seniors at the college as well as the hostel.

Class Room…No girls and boys to sit together… Serious announcement regarding the sitting arrangements in the class too. There was much chaos in the class on the first day when a young man slightly a few years older entered our class and as supposed he didn’t sit in any of the bench. We were wondering who he was when he straight away went to the front and introduced himself as our Economics Lecturer. It was like a dream, never missing any of his class, waiting for him in the steps.
At the hostel each one of us had talked innumerous time that we would be meeting someone special here & here he was.  That is how I met the man of my dreams even though, he doesn’t know that I exist somewhere else. And, guess what many of the fairies found someone or the other in this very Height of Learning. And, as some would say Mon Mon Mai Love, Mon Mon Mai Break that happens only in Darjeeling.

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